Monerygy Management


Monergy Management (Monergy) helps its customers Manage their asset performance to save Money and Energy.  It provides its customers the best of breed energy conservation technologies, latest technologies available, fastest returns on investment & best payback periods and projects funding when required.

As a manufacturers, Suppliers and Consultants Representative, Monergy provides its resellers or distributors contracts directly from suppliers and provides support utilizing its 19 years expertise in the energy and the finance industry with no additional cost or fees.

Monergy has chosen technologies among Siemens top 10 energy conservation solutions to provide its clients and resellers in the Globe:

  • Voltage Optimisation & Management
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Assured LED Lights
  • Monitoring & Targeting systems
  • Combined Heat and Power

Monergy's suppliers are well positioned against competition in terms of technology and pricing. Products comes with long life span up to 50 years, with warranties up to 15 years and with low or no maintenance cost.

Monergy has teamed up with funders in the Gulf and North America in order to provide its customers Zero Cost Shared Savings (performance contract) without any debt or capital expenditure-true off balance sheet financing without any loan on customers books.